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Event No: 93
Event Ref No.: UL/RE/GRG/CloseSouth/2023/112
Event Category: “Balance Civil & MEP Works at ‘CLOSE SOUTH’,Gurugram,(Haryana)”
Event Type: Works
Event Document fees: 17700
Event EMD Mode: ONLINE
EventEMD Amount: 250000
EventEstimated Value (In Rs) (Excluding GST) 79433477
Name of Work:
  1. 1. “Balance Civil & MEP Works at ‘CLOSE SOUTH’,Gurugram,(Haryana)”
    Estimated Value (In Rs) (Excluding GST): 79433477.00
Event Releasing Authority: Nilesh Jain (DGM Finance)
Event Notice NIT : 1683641650CloseSouthNIT.pdf
Event Start Date & Time : 09-05-2023 21:10:00
Event End Date & Time: 08-06-2023 16:00:00
Event Opening Date & Time: 09-06-2023 11:00:00